Restaurant management software

A fully integrated restaurant management software

BookedIn™ is an easy to use and fast to implement restaurant software solution by CODERS®, an ERP built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Here's what you get:
  • Direct, clear communication between front of house and kitchen.
  • Rapid, professional service that makes guests feel welcome. 
  • A well-organized kitchen, where ingredients are used efficiently to produce dishes of top quality, with no delays or errors. 
This sounds like a dream to most restaurant owners. This is your daily reality when you use BookedIn™ for restaurant and food service businesses.
Keep total control over your business

Keep total control over your business

Replace your many software solutions with BookedIn™ for restaurant and food service businesses, just one software system that enables you to:
  • Oversee and manage your operations from headquarters
  • Centrally manage prices, recipes and menus
  • Streamline your purchasing to maximize revenue
  • Keep track of all your locations in real time
  • Manage staffing efficiently
  • Analyze real-time business data, and take smart business decisions.
Eliminate errors and improve your bottom line

Eliminate errors and improve your bottom line

The restaurant-specific functions in BookedIn™ allow you to:
  • Price your dishes to ensure profit
  • Cut waste by using the correct quantities
  • Make sure guests receive exactly the dish they ordered, with the correct modifiers
  • Speed up table turns
  • Book tables to optimize space and timings
  • Plan your meals in advance and rationalize your ingredients orders
Table Management

Table Management

BookedIn’s table management system facilitates the handling of reservations, including the tracking of arrivals, no-shows and cancelled bookings. Its graphic system will allow staff to check table status at a glance, making sure that all customers are being served in a timely manner.
Optimize Staffing

Optimize Staffing

The software’s intuitive multilingual POS system will manage and split bills easily and fast and enable your team members
to take orders and payments directly at the table. Moreover, swift replication of data means that your service will move faster and more accurately with orders being sent directly from the POS to the kitchen.
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