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What is OneHub™

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, OneHub™ is a distribution software that helps distributors and wholesalers manage their business cycle efficiently and effectively. OneHub™ ERP system grants wider customer reach in addition to efficient marketing expansion as well as time resourced management.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Easy integration to your Cash van sales and receipt payments.
  • Stock accuracy & sales accuracy.
  • Ability to track sales transactions in detail.
  • Ability to track items through LOT number.
  • Real time sales monitoring.
  • Quick & efficient reaction to unplanned sales fluctuations.
  • Easy and accurate way to track customers sales and auto-generate monthly and yearly discounts for your customer.
  • Ability to consign stock for your customers at your premises.
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Automatic creation for Cash van sales invoices on OneHub™.
  • Automatic creation for receipt vouchers on journals.
  • Ability to track customers consignment stocks.
  • Discount contract creation which allows flexible offer promotions.
  • Automatic creation of credit notes journal vouchers based on the discount contract offers.
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